Ashes at Sea

Ashes at SeaMan has marveled at the world’s great seas since the beginning of time. The sea’s peace and tranquility, power and glory, have brought comfort and joy to mankind. Always changing yet timeless, the world’s seas are a final resting place for generations.

The scattering of cremated remains at sea has been an attractive alternative to other forms of internment for many reasons – affordability, return to nature, love of the everlasting sea, wishes of the deceased, nautical background or experiences, conservation of land space, and other frequently cited reasons for selecting sea scattering for the final disposition of cremated remains. Aqua Safari Charters, LLC. has been providing this service to many families for over 20 years.

For burial at sea, Aqua Safari Charters, LLC. can provide two types of services: attended and unattended.

Many families desire our exclusive charter service with a journey from port with family and friends. This sea voyage provides a special opportunity for remembrance and perhaps a special memorial service ceremony.

Our 42 foot boat, the “Island Girl” can accommodate intimate groups of up to 18 people and is Coast Guard Certified and Inspected. The size and design of this boat makes for a very stable vessel and comfortable cruise. The vessel’s owner/operator, Captain Paul Stanton, is a 100 ton Coast Guard Licensed Master with over 35 years experience. We cruise from Galveston’s newly reconstructed Pier 19 area out of Galveston Island Harbor, through Galveston Bay, out through the Galveston Jetties and into the Gulf of Mexico. The late afternoon calm is recommended.

At a dispersal site, usually within 3 miles of the jetties and nearly 5 miles from the beach, the Captain will position the vessel at rest for the scattering of ashes. If you like, cut flowers may be brought to scatter and the Captain will record the exact coordinates of the dispersal site. This location can be used if a revisit is desired. Time from departure to return to our dock is usually less than 2 hours. All inclusive price for the 42 ft. “Island Girl” is $650 (Monday – Thursday), and $750 (Friday- Sunday). Farther voyages may be requested.

If your need is for a maximum of only 6 passengers or less,
our 37 ft. “Sea Trek” boat is available for an all inclusive price of $550.

At a later date, you may wish to revisit the disposition site,
this service can be reserved for an all inclusive price beginning at $550.

Some families do not wish to attend a sea service or cannot go to sea for a variety of reasons. We can take the cremated remains into the sea for you.A dignified burial at sea within 30 days will be performed and documented by the Captain and that documentation provided to you. This is a popular service with prices beginning at $100 depending on the site selected.

We offer a pre-planning package that includes all sea burial services. The choice of funeral arrangements and crematory can be made at your convenience with your funeral director. You may have your funeral director contact us directly or you may call us at 409-795-7480.

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